A few months back, I finally got around to setting up a proper HTPC solution.  I originally planned on using MythTV, but with only one frontend, and no cable subscription, I found XBMC to be more appropriate, and ultimately went that route.  I had an extra small form factor core2duo with HDMI lying around, so I choose that for my hardware.  My setup went something like this:

  1. Installed XBMC-Live onto the HTPC
  2. Updated the system
  3. Copied / over to a NFS share
  4. Removed hard drive
  5. Netboot from NFS share

And this all works pretty well.  However, the box has an intel chipset, and a lot of trouble playing back 1080p content.  So two days ago, I ordered a new motherboard, 4GB RAM, and a new case, for a new frontend that I plan on building.  And the parts are Out for Delivery as of 9AM this morning.

So over the next few days and this weekend, I am going to create a writeup for a netboot XBMC system.  The backend (where the system and media files reside) will be a FreeBSD 8.1 box.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE: I've written my tutorial.